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Munich born, Lima rooted and London raised – I am an interior designer with a multi-cultural background. I am based in London, where, apart from designing and creating beautiful projects, you will most likely find me eating pasta, discovering new places and madly jogging around parks – the latter so I can do more of the first!  

My journey started in the city of Munich, where I was born to a Bavarian father and a Peruvian mother, who nurtured my eye for all things stylish and magnificent from a very young age. From there we hopped across Europe together until finally settling down in Oxford. 

After school, I went on to study a degree in Law at University. Although it was stimulating and rewarding, my creative mind wasn’t satisfied. So, once graduated, I took a bold move and decided to pursue the passion that had long been growing inside me: Interior Design. I enrolled at the Chelsea College of Art, absolutely loved it and have since worked on award winning projects. Have I looked back? Never.

This page is my space to give my take on new materials that I’ve discovered, examine some stunning interiors and give tips and advice on how to style your own home. In my designs you will find an elegant, delicate base palette with a bold use of metals and natural materials; completed with striking, eclectic focal points. Due to my multi-cultural background I also enjoy incorporating my clients’ cultural influences and the heritage of the site when creating my concepts.

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