Discover Bea’s Ever Changing Boutique B&B Interior

Photo Courtesy of Bea's B&B

When I was researching for inspiring boutique interiors for a project, I came across this boutique B&B interior set in the seaside town of Knokke in Belgium.

Owned and decorated by the eclectic Bea Mombaers, Bea’s B&B is a must go. As a vintage enthusiasts and collector, Bea has a great eye for unique and inspiring pieces, and the interior of this hotel is a celebration thereof. (Can you spot the Hans J Wegner Flag Halyard-Inspired Chair?)

The charm of this hotel lies in its furnishing and in the philosophy of its interior. All its furniture pieces and decorations have been sourced from all across the world by Bea herself, to be sold to its visitors and be replaced with new items thereafter. As an interior designer this concept excites me incredibly, as it not only allows you to buy the eccentric pieces you fall in love with during your stay, but most importantly it creates an interior – and an experience of the hotel – that is ever changing. Its like a magnificent gallery full of delightful interior surprises waiting to be discovered again and again.

The hotel’s interior is a wonderful fusion of modern bohemianism with an industrial edge – scroll down for a tour of this glorious space:

Lounge Area

Photo Courtesy of Bea’s B&B

Sleek polished concrete walls and floors combined with industrial black framed windows create the perfect backdrop for Bea’s warm and cosy travel finds.


Photo Courtesy of Bea’s B&B

I love how funky this kitchen is with its turquoise accents, leather stools and exposed pipes, it emulates such a cool industrial vibe.


Photo Courtesy of Bea’s B&B

How refreshing would it be to wake up in this stylish bedroom  and take a rainbow coloured shower in the morning?

For more information and pictures about this fabulous hotel check out Bea’s website – or for Bea’s furniture web shop.

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