Inspiration: Moody Scandinavian design

Those of you who know me, know that moody Scandinavian design is my interior design muse. It epitomises effortless elegance with its open, white, light-flooded interior spaces and its minimal decoration. It celebrates the use of metals, wood, stone and sustainable materials; and does this in such a delicate and balanced manner, that you are left with a blissful interior that is both crisp and calm and yet so subtly feminine. As this is my favourite interior design style, I wanted to share the most stunning Scandinavian interior I have come across so far with you:

– Moody Residence –

Photographed by the brilliant Kristofer Johnsson and styled by Sasa Antic : This is my favourite interior of all time and actually inspired my final project whilst at University, so it deserves a longer introduction. The moment I saw those rich blue tones contrasted with the beautiful high ceilings and the artistic coving in the flat I was mesmerised. (I then went to check out all of Kristofer Johnsson’s photography and fell madly in love. He deserves a whole blog post dedicated to his portfolio as it is the most stunning thing. )

This project encompasses all that I love – a moody grey colour palette with dramatic blue and black hues that give the apartment a real edge and mystery. The living area feels soft and almost like it has been dip-dyed in blues and greys while the bedroom with its monochrome palette, black walls and polished white wooden floors is bold and strong. These dramatic colour contrasts are the essence of this apartment and are brought to life through minimal and natural decoration in the form of: delicate metal lamps, monochrome art and glass vases with graceful plants. The slight chaos of the space, with its stacked books and unhang art pieces, only adds to the artistic flair of this interior and gives the space character and style.

Scroll down for a little tour:

Living Room
Photo courtesy of Kristofer Johnsson
Photo courtesy of Kristofer Johnsson
Photo courtesy of Kristofer Johnsson

For more of Kristofer Johnsson’s unique work go check out his portfolio on:

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