Showstopper – Shelter Bay’s union lighting collection

Photo Courtesy of Shelter Bay

Shelter Bay’s Union lighting collection is awesome. For interior designers lighting design is more than a means of brightening a room at night – it is a magic wand that turns our interior designs into beautiful atmospheric scenes. A soft LED wash here or a bold focus spot there, can create gorgeous effects and transform dull spaces into dramatic ones. I am therefore always on the hunt for new lighting designs and Shelter Bay’s Union collection is one of those that got me really excited.

About Shelter Bay

Based in Toronto and co founded by dynamic duo Rob Southcot and Sarah Cooper in 2015; Shelter Bay is a talented design studio with big design skills. Combining their expertise of art, fashion and interiors Rob and Sarah are creating unusual and bold designs which I cannot wait to see more of.

Union Collection

Shelter Bay’s Union lighting collection is delicate, versatile and gorgeous. It explores stunning metal finishes and beautiful configurations. The vision behind the Shelter Bay Union collection is to create a lighting piece that is unique and tailored for each client. It allows you to choose between 8 different shapes and 4 metal effect finishes. Each shape is geometrically inspired and made out of hand-welded steel wire which is then finished with a unique powder coating or plating. The 4 options of powder coating or plating draw on two current, and much loved, trends: copper and iridescent effects alongside the more classic white and pearl black.

Scroll down to see my favourite picks of Shelter Bay’s Union lighting collection and to get some magnificent interior inspiration:

Want to know more about Shelter Bay? Why don’t you head over to their page Shelter Bay or for more inspiration on the iridescent trend check out my latest blog post iridescent materials.



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