7 Spectacular Colour Combinations found in Nature

Photo Property of Anaïs Rosswag Vásquez

My interior design teacher once told me that when looking for spectacular colour combinations, nature is our greatest catalogue. Our planet is an infinite source of inspiration. Think about all the beautiful flower fields we have passed on walks, the pink-hued sunsets we have admired, the deep blue oceans we have swam in and the crisp white mountains we have hiked. Every landscape has its very own array of colours – always perfectly balanced to create that beautiful colour palette we yearn for in our designs. Nature is just awesome.

During my travels in South America the scenery was breathtaking and so untouched it provided for some truly spectacular colour combinations. From the mystical Andes to the lush rainforest, each area had its very own shades and tones. The inspiration I gathered was endless, so I wanted to share the seven most spectacular colour combinations I stumbled across.

Prepare yourselves for some mad cool scenery:


Bolivian Altiplano
Photo Property of Anaïs Rosswag Vásquez

In the Bolivian Andes, I discovered a mesmerising colour palette that I thought was only found in paintings. A magical pastel wonderland. Believe it or not, but the landscape in the Bolivian Altiplano is coated in soft purple-pink pastels with hints of green – unreal right? I couldn’t believe those colours were actually in front of me. Pastels combined with gentle greens, is a beautiful colour combination for adding some feminine glow to an all white interior, like in this chic Parisian apartment. Super dreamy.

Photo Courtesy of Birgitta Wolfgang

Blues and Greens

Jungle Beach
Photo Property of Anaïs Rosswag Vásquez

Deep blues and lush greens are the colours of the Brazilian coastline and an effortless combination for moody interiors. Depending on how brave you are feeling, you can create the ultimate luxurious interior with this spectacular colour combination. Look at this kitchen designed by Black Lacquer Design. The emerald green is rich and punchy while the turquoise stools are soft and elegant, combine this with shiny brass and you have pure stunning drama.

Photo Courtesy of Black Lacquer Design

Oranges and Greens

Sleeping Volcanoes


Photo Property of Anaïs Rosswag Vásquez

The big chunks of lava that were spread across the Bolivian highlands, back when this area was alive with volcanic eruptions, have since transformed into a beautiful deep orange. Mix this with the olive green shrubs that have filled the surrounding landscape and this natural phenomenon gives you an exciting colour palette for a bohemian interior. Warm, fun and cosy – just like this bedroom designed by Consort Design.

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Fallon

Greens and Reds

 The White City
Photo Property of Anaïs Rosswag Vásquez

The streets of Arequipa, Peru are famous for their crisp white colonial buildings – so much that it is known as “the white city” amongst the locals. These white buildings are decorated with gorgeous red shades and green accents which give the city a wonderful pop of colour. It is this spectacular colour combination of red and green that gives us our interior inspiration. It’s pure glamour when combined with metals and an abundance of natural light. This cocktail bar in Paris proves it:

Photo Courtesy of TimeOut

Oranges and Blues

Desert Ocean


Photo Property of Anaïs Rosswag Vásquez

This photo was taken in Paracas, on the Peruvian coast, where the earthy oranges of the desert meet the deep blues of the ocean. One of my favourite colour combinations as there is something really raw and daring about combining these two opposing hues. If it is a little too bold for your taste you can use this combination in accents to an all white interior – as genius Beatriz Silveira did in this drop dead gorgeous apartment in Madrid. It’s subtle, but will still give you that beautiful fiery contrast.

Photo Courtesy of Nuevo Estilo

Blues and Whites

Salt Flats


Salt Flats
Photo Property of Anaïs Rosswag Vásquez

The never ending soft blue horizons of the Bolivian salt flats were an absolute dream. So many different shades of blue layered on top of each other yet it doesn’t feel boring. On the contrary, it’s crisp and actually exciting and the same goes for interiors. An all blue interior is something wonderful and a go to for peaceful designs. It evokes calmness and tranquillity with a bright, fresh touch, like this delicate blue bedroom designed by Consort Design:

Photo Courtesy of Consort Design


Coffee Country
Photo Property of Anaïs Rosswag Vásquez

Who says interiors have to stick to one or two colours? This colourful town in the coffee triangle in Colombia proves that mixing hues is a dream. Bright colour schemes are perfect for an eclectic hideout or a stimulating office interior, such as this one designed by Masquespacio. Mega happy vibes.

Photo Courtesy of Masquespacio

I hope you enjoyed this little trip through South America’s treasures. Are there any natural landscapes that have inspired you lately? For more exotic interior inspiration check out my article on the most stunning Airbnbs ever. (It also doubles up as some amazing holiday inspiration!)

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