The Ultimate Guide to Graceful Christmas Decor

It’s the first of December! Which means Christmas is literally around the corner and I for one am extremely excited. Last year I was far away from home, stuck in the boiling hot Peruvian desert and Christmas really didn’t feel like Christmas. This year therefore has to be extra special and I am going all out on graceful Christmas decorations, sumptuous food and at least a double watching of Elf! Best. Christmas. Movie. Ever.

I cannot wait for cosy afternoons in front of the fire, copious amounts of chocolate, presents, yummy food…Christmas really is the most magical time of the year. And of course the perfect excuse to give our homes a chic festive makeover! This year I am thinking elegant metals, subtle greenery, soft lighting and twinkling stars. A graceful Christmas with luxurious twists. 

Ready for some dreamy inspiration? The next 8 steps will give you all the motivation you need!




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Despite what anyone says, winter is a beautiful time of the year. Nature turns still and gorgeous with its crisp frosty mornings and elegant colours. It’s the perfect inspiration for our homes and I for one gather most of my decor ideas from my surroundings. Which leads me to my first tip: Go outside. Go for walks. Explore. Graceful Christmas decorations do not have to be expensive. It’s as simple as collecting some pine or holly bush leaves and displaying these in beautiful vases around your home. It won’t only look effortlessly stunning, but will also make your home smell amazing! 

£32.00 from Trouva




Glass Baubles
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Vases aren’t the only way to display the greenery you have collected. Another magnificent idea, coming from our stylish Danish friends, is to fill glass baubles with different types of seasonal plants. Its so easy, but the result is absolutely delightful! You can hang these up on your Christmas tree or simply around the house with some gorgeous ribbons. And of course feel free to experiment with the fillings, why not try filling some with gold or silver confetti for some Christmas glamour?

£2.00 from Paperchase




Star Wreath
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I love a beautiful Christmas wreath and for me it is the biggest symbol of the start of the festive season. Everyone has their own style and colours, but this year I fell in love with these delicate Christmas wreaths. They are super easy to make, all you need is some wire rings – preferably copper or gold, but you could always spray paint them – and then some greenery you can wrap around and secure with thin wire or string. You can use any type of plant, but I especially love the idea of using eucalyptus leaves – their blueish green is so beautiful and creates a frosted effect. Also, due to their elegant nature, these wreaths can be hung up all around the house, especially if you create different sizes and shapes.  


Photo Courtesy of Artig


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Photo Courtesy of So Leb Ich


It is true that after the the fabulous colours of the autumn, the bare trees we have now been left with are a little depressing. However, it is exactly these stripped branches that give us our next graceful Christmas decoration. They are the perfect starting point for a truly stylish focal point. Pick a branch that is medium to large in size, with an interesting structure and begin to decorate it. Think about all the things that encapsulate Christmas for you – sparkly baubles, stars, snowflakes…and choose your scheme. I am a lover of delicate, unpretentious design and therefore would always advise to stick to simplicity when decorating your branch. Use tiny fairy lights for some warmth and a few sparkly baubles or metallic ornaments for a touch of luxury. Depending on its size and shape you can either hang your decorated branch from your ceiling or place it in a large transparent vase. 


£4.00 from The White Company




Photo Courtesy of So Leb Ich


Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know how obsessed I am with metallics, so no guide of mine will ever be complete without some gorgeous metals. They create instant sophisticated elegance and add a touch of luxury, especially in dark interiors. I am absolutely in love with these delicate metal ornaments from Ferm Living this year. They are perfect for hanging from your branch (see above) and displaying around your home for some enchanting sparkle.   


£14.00 from Trouva


£30.00 from Trouva


Fairy Lights


Fairy Lights
Photo Courtesy of The White Company


Dreamy fairy lights – the most precious ingredient for a graceful Christmas. So tiny but so mighty! They instantly bring warmth to any room and elevate your decorations to another level. Fold them into your greenery or your staircase for some shimmer or simply create a bundle of dazzling light by displaying them in tall vases. I especially love these tiny star-shaped fairy lights by the White Company:


Star Light
£15.00 from The White Company


Paper Garlands


Paper Garlands
Photo Courtesy of Petra Bindel


Of course Christmas really is all about the little ones so it’s important to get them involved in the Christmas preparations too! These festive-themed paper garlands are super easy and super fun. All you need is some beautiful paper, scissors and a string to hang them from. Play around with the shapes: cut stars, triangles, pine trees or even snowflakes! I would suggest sticking to one shape per garland and mixing in some metallic paper to give it some added glamour. 

Silver Card
£5.25 from Paperchase 




Photo Courtesy of Neptune


Finally, the most important part of Christmas: cosiness. After all, lazing around in our PJs drinking hot chocolate and hiding from the icy cold, is what Christmas is all about, so our homes have to become havens of cosiness. Bring out all those soft textures and layer them for extra comfort. Think fluffy blankets, snuggly pillows and furry throws. Whites, greys and silvers are my favourite as they create a marvellous base palette for dazzling decorations.  


£35.00 from The White Company


£125.00 from The White Company


I hope this guide got you all the inspiration you need to create a beautiful, graceful Christmas this year. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below! For more interior inspiration have a read through my tiny homes style guide and for more about me, why not check out my work page. 

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  1. I love your style. This article has really helped me choose my Xmas decorations for this year. I’ll certainly be looking into the glass baubles.

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