Trend Alert: Iridescent Materials

Iridescent material

With the arrival of summer, even those of us who swear on all black outfits and monochrome interiors, cant deny that we get excited about diving into the fabulous world of colour. Sunshine just screams for some pop right?


Thankfully our talented designers think just the same as us and have thought of a stunning way to inject not only one but the whole colour spectrum into our interiors with the introduction of iridescent materials. This gorgeous material creates a subtle rainbow effect reminiscent of the colour range of a petrol spill or a soap bubble and is equally as delicate and elegant.


Our favourite, Patricia Urquiola, led the way with her stunning Shimmer furniture collection closely followed by the bold Tom Dixon with his iridescence accessories collection. Patricia Urquiola’s collection is delicate and perfectly emulates the coloured shine of a holographic film whilst Tom Dixon’s collection is dark and mysterious drawing on what seems to be the Morpho butterfly for inspiration.


Glas Italia Shimmer Table
Patricia Urquiola Shimmer Collection
Tom Dixon iridescence collection
Tom Dixon iridescence collection


The use of iridescent materials will create a fabulous and stylish effect in almost any interior, but I think the true effect of the colour rainbow comes to life when realised in minimal interiors. In spaces full of light with off-white walls it creates a delicate and elegant addition of colour, especially when paired with rose gold metals.  In dark interiors on the other hand, a splash or iridescent materials creates a bold, mysterious statement – this versatility is what makes this material so unique and exciting.

Check out these three ways to incorporate the use of iridescent materials in your home:



Add a gorgeous accent light or occasional chair to give your interior some sparkle:



Glass Partition

Replace your shower panel or stair panel with iridescent glass for some magical vibes:


Introduce some subtle iridescent charm through cute accessories, for an instant refresh:


Have you thought about using iridescent material in your home? If yes leave a comment below as I would love to hear your ideas! For more inspiring interiors check out the rest of my blog on:

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